Frequently Asked Questions


Mayan Mind Maze - Escape The Room at Mind Bender CozumelCan I change the date or time of a game after it’s booked?

There is a possibility to change your booking details. Get in touch with us via email or telephone – see Contact.

What should I wear for the game?

Dress to feel comfortable, there are no special requirements! However, if you wear glasses, don’t forget them at home!

Can I give the Mayan Mind Maze experience as a gift?

Absolutely, and what an awesomely unique gift to give! Vouchers can be purchased with an open date possibility. Get in touch with us via Contact.

Can foreigners participate in the game (without Eng/Esp language knowledge)?

Yes, the game itself does not require language skills. If your team does not speak English or Spanish, our instructors can help you through the Mayan Mind Maze experience.

We have less than 4 (or more than 7) people in our group. Can we still play?

Based on experience, we believe that the optimal size of a group for the game is between 4 and 7. However, it is possible to have a team of less or more, depending. More than 10┬ápeople cannot be permitted in order to ensure everyone’s comfort during the game due to limited space and less effective cooperation. If you have a larger group, we recommend to split into smaller groups and play at the same time in different rooms.

Can kids play the game?

Yes, children above 7 years can enjoy the game. However, adult supervision is required for any participants under the age of 15.