Team Building

abilities to the ULTIMATE TEST!



Teamwork - Escape The Room, Mayan Mind Bender Cozumel

Racing against the clock

Problem solving

Communication and Collaboration



Sounds similar to what you may experience in everyday challenges, right? Well, this environment takes it to a whole new level! Work and cooperate together like never before!


Enter as a Group, but Exit as a TEAM!


How It Works

Currently, we are operating with one escape game room which is optimized for teams of 4 - 8 participants. However, a minimum of 2 or maximum of 10 players per room is possible. If you have more that 10 in your group, you can split into two teams and compete AGAINST each other in two separate games, raising the stakes even higher!

Which team will get out the fastest?

Mayan Mind Maze - Escape The Room at Mind Bender Cozumel

• The first game of the day begins at 9 am and the last game begins at 7:00 pm.
• One game lasts for 60 minutes. There is 30 min before entering and 30 min after exiting the game, for a total of 2 hours!
• Game admission is $39 USD per participant (including tax), regardless of the number of players in a group.
*If you book online please contact us for a SPECIAL discount promo code!
• Please contact us for further information at or through the "Contact" page!


Are you up for the challenge?